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Seemingly overnight, the world has found itself drastically changed. Before the spread of the novel Coronavirus, human connection was a vital part of medicine. The senses were used to determine illnesses and injuries. With the majority of people secluded in their homes, medicine has found itself in a much different time.

While most of the population is working from home, there are still essential workers commuting every day. And though The New York Times found that traffic is moving more than 53% faster than usual thanks to the virus, car crashes are still occurring as always.

So, when an essential worker is in an accident and receives injuries, they can no longer walk into their primary care physician to get the care they need. That dilemma has sparked a large increase in the use of telemedicine for auto accidents and general health concerns.

Telemedicine has been being used since the 1950s; however, it hasn’t completely taken off because of the want for a human experience. For the most part, people enjoy being able to speak with their doctor and have a human to human connection with the person they are trusting their health with.
Now that people are forced to resort to telemedicine, the use of it may become essential to the health of the general population and the health of those in car crashes.

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is simple. Instead of visiting with a doctor face to face in an office, you do it through a cellphone or laptop. The use of it has made healthcare more accessible, cost-efficient, and enabled patients to be seen more frequently. Physicians and their patients can share information as they normally would, but from one computer screen to another. The use of technology has allowed people in rural areas to connect with healthcare they normally would be unable to access. It has also helped the elderly connect with pharmacists and physicians daily, without having to attend constant doctors’ appointments.

Again, telemedicine has been around for nearly 70 years, but in that time technology has changed exponentially. Today, our lives are more connected than ever through video chats, social media, and the internet. This fact has made telemedicine explode in popularity, even before the spread of the current global pandemic.

The use of telemedicine is a revolutionary advancement for healthcare. In the future, you can guarantee a world where more people are using it than ever before.

How is it Helpful After a Crash?

Though traffic and accidents are experiencing a decrease at the moment, auto accidents are still happening on a daily basis.
Right now, most medical professionals are focused on patients who are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

Unfortunately, that has left many to deal with sicknesses and injuries without the assistance of healthcare. Especially in times like these, telemedicine is being used by numerous car crash victims.

Of course, if you experience severe injuries that require emergency care after a crash, the process will proceed as it usually does. However, if you receive non-life-threatening injuries, you could be left to deal with the pain and diagnosis yourself.

That’s where telemedicine has proven to be of great assistance. Instead of waiting weeks for a scheduled appointment with a physician, you can simply communicate through a video message. Technology has allowed doctors to check vital signs, perform tests, and prescribe the proper medicine.
The use of telemedicine has improved the speed by which car crash victims are provided care, given medicine, and how quickly they recover from said injuries.

In Times Like These, Telemedicine is Essential

Even when this virus calms down and the world returns to its normal hustle and bustle, telemedicine will be used at a far greater percentage. Like all things, after the virus has depleted, medicine will be altered dramatically.

During the current crisis, telemedicine provides a safe and convenient way to get treatment without exposing yourself to COVID-19. Right now, it is crucial to the non-infected population to stay healthy. Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers are under a tremendous amount of pressure at the moment; telemedicine gives them the breather they need. Not to mention, it decreases the chances of the virus spreading even further.

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