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 Florida is one of the nation’s leading “hot spots” for motorcyclists, and for good reason: With beautiful beaches, tropical scenery and year-round temperate weather, the Sunshine State is the ideal place to enjoy the open road, and multiple motorcycle rallies held throughout the year provide an additional draw for million of bike enthusiasts from across the country.

But while Florida’s roads and beaches may be popular oases for cyclists seeking some fun in the sun, the state also has its share of motorcycle accidents, and in recent years, accidents involving motorcyclists have been on the rise.


Motorcycle Accidents in Florida


According to data from the the Florida Department of Transportation Traffic Safety Office, the number of motorcycle accidents in Florida rose almost nine percent from 2010 to 2012, from about 7,500 to nearly 9,400for an average of 8,500 accidents each year during that period. During the past decade, the state has averaged about 450 motorcycle-related deaths annually – and that means that while motorcycle accidents in Florida represent only about three percent of the total number of traffic accidents in the state each year, they account for a whopping 19.1 percent of the total number of annual traffic accident-related deaths.


Although that statistic is certainly alarming, considering the relative lack of protection provided by a motorcycle, it’s easy to see why even a seemingly minor accident can take such a heavy toll and cause so many serious injuries. In fact, a 2011 study conducted by the state’s Ride Smart initiative found the median hospital charge for a person involved in a motorcycle accident was $60,000, with many accidents incurring charges far, far greater. Plus, those figures don’t take into account the costs of long-term medical care, physical therapy, lost wages, pain and suffering or any of the other myriad costs associated with accident injuries.


“But won’t insurance cover it?”


It’s nice to think that, but the fact is, insurance compensation often falls far, far short of the actual costs associated with motorcycle accident injuries. While the state does require motorcycle owners to carry insurance, actually receiving benefits from that insurance is a completely different matter. Remember: Insurance companies are businesses, and they have their own finances to consider. They’re in the business of managing risk, not paying benefits. That means that even when you have every right to receive compensation, you’re almost always going to face a fight to receive that compensation.


Battling insurance companies isn’t easy; they have legal teams on their side fighting to protect the company’s own interests. And that’s why if you or a loved one is in a motorcycle accident, you need to start working with an experienced motorcycle injury lawyer right away.


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