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Auto Accident Attorneys Orlando, FL

After being in a car accident, the flood of emotion that comes along with your life potentially being turned upside in an instant is palpable. The intense feeling of panic that comes over you in those first few seconds after you’e been struck by another driver subsides once you know that no one with you has been injured or killed. In an instant you scan around to see if everyone is still breathing and begin yelling out to figure out if anyone in the vehicle is hurt or badly injured. If you and your passengers were lucky to come away unscathed be thankful. Soon you’ll begin to focus on the long process you’ll have to endure to get your automobile fixed, deal with insurance adjusters, get a rental car and wait weeks before you can get your vehicle back from the repair shop.

Imagine if you weren’t fortunate though? Who can you turn to if you’ve been injured in a car crash that wasn’t your fault? That’s where having an expert injury law firm can make life simpler. Becoming injured from an Orlando auto accident can feel like the world is coming to an end. With the proper guidance, you won’t have to feel that way. We make sure the person found at fault is held accountable for their actions. While we can’t patch you back together, we can and do (better than anyone) fight to get you paid! We’ve recovered millions for our clients.

What Steps Should You Take After a Car Crash in Orlando?

While even minor fender bender accidents can be upsetting, in a major car accident it’s natural to be distressed and unable to think of what should be done right after a crash. Here are the six things you need to do if you’ve been in a car crash:



1. Contact the police

A police report is integral in figuring out who could be at fault for the accident. You may find the other driver pleading for you to not call the police, but you must call them anyway. The only way to obtain the police report from the scene of the accident is to call them out. The police will then be able to write up the accident report. Your attorney will positively need this report for your case later in the process. Having the police report will help the process of filing a lawsuit if your insurance claim is rejected. Some of the critical information you’ll find in a police report will include:

  • Run tests and evaluate if you’ve suffered any injuries
  • Provide needed prescriptions to aid with pain from the crash
  • Put you on watch if they think you have a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)
  • Document your car accident injuries
  • Potentially end up testifying at trial to provide expertise on your injury severity

2. Seek medical attention

Although you’re able to walk away from the accident scene, it doesn’t always mean that you’re free of injuries. Even if you don’t think you need emergency medical treatment, you should at a bare minimum be seen by a physician for precautionary purposes. We suggest that you may be better off just going to the hospital and get checked out. At the hospital they will generally do this for all car accident patients:

  • Witness name and contact info
  • Both driver’s statements
  • Description of the car accident scene
  • Pictures of both the scene and the vehicles involved
  • Road conditions description
  • License and insurance information from both drivers
  • Proof of drug/alcohol intoxication at the time of the crash


3. Do not take the blame

Determining who’s at fault usually doesn’t happen until a complete investigation has taken place. At the accident scene, do not admit any degree of fault to the police, to witnesses, towards the other driver or passengers, or anyone else for that matter. Consult an attorney before you inadvertently make a haphazard statement that will end up being used against you.

4. Before signing or agreeing to anything, be sure to speak to an injury attorney in Orlando, Florida

Sometimes and insurance company will send out a local agent to an accident scene or hospital. Their job is arranging a settlement as quickly as possible with you. (You could also from an agent over the phone or through email for the same purpose.) It’s crucial that consult with an attorney before agreeing to settle or sign anything provided by an insurance company.


5. Take pictures of the scene

If you’re able, take photos of the vehicles involved, their damages, and the surrounding area. Capture anything else you think may be important.


6. Take down witness contact information

Ask every witness to provide you their names and contact information.

Why Should You Obtain a Car Accident Attorney After Your Crash?

Car crash cases can become very complex. You can file a claim for damages on your own, but it’s a better idea to work with an expert in car accident law. Florida law maintains that you’re required to file a claim for your auto accident within four years. After the statute expires, you won’t be able to file a case any longer in the state. Even without adding in Florida’s rules, car accident cases can be incredibly difficult. Insurance companies have full legal teams right at their beckon call and pay dearly to do so. It’s not hard for them to have claims dismissed over small technicalities. For someone without any law experience, taking on a large insurance company can be too much for most people. Insurance companies like to also push for tiny settlements that aren’t close to what you may be deserving of. Obtaining a car accident law firm is worthwhile rather than attempting to handle your own claim.

Having a car accident lawyer on your side and representing your best interests gives you the best chance for your case outcome. We already know how much compensation you should be asking for and will fight to get you paid for your injuries.

Attorneys specializing in personal injury law know everything to expect from the insurance companies. We already know the questions they’ll ask you and how they’ll get the exact answer phrasing they want to use against you later if you aren’t prepared. We verify that all critical evidence is pulled together, and make sure that you’re able to meet all requirements before the claim is filed. Some accident attorneys only ever settle with insurance companies and do whatever they can to avoid a trial. Here at Dennis Hernandez and Associates, PA, we are never fearful of going the trial route and will do whatever’s necessary to ensure you’re compensated properly for your injuries.

What Will My Claim Be Worth?

There are many factors determining what a claim may be worth. It’s impossible to list them all in a website article. Injury severity, damage to your property, and depth of disability will all play a part in calculating compensation. Other factors that come into play include expert testimony from doctors and investigators. No case is exactly the same and have their own quirks to contend with. Becoming a client of ours means there never any fees unless we win your case. Our expert injury attorneys can give you a general idea of what your case may be worth. We’ll also advise you of the process and signing you up as an actual client. Be sure to call us today or fill out our contact form for your free case evaluation. Lines are open 24/7.

Our Orlando Auto Accident Lawyers Handle All Types of Car Crashes

Car accidents happen in many ways due to a myriad of circumstances. That’s why it’s so important that you talk to one of the Orlando’s best car accident lawyers at our North Orange Ave office. We’ve recovered millions for our clients and if you’ve been injured in a car accident due to no fault of your own, we can help you with your case. You can submit your inquiry online, you can call us now. Chances are you were involved a more common car crash like one of the following:



Rear-End Collision

– These car accidents usually don’t result in life threatening injuries and the rear driver is almost always found at fault. Maybe they were distracted by texting and driving or have been driving too fast to slow down on a wet road. Maybe they just couldn’t react quick enough. You should be eligible to receive compensation if the driver is found at fault

Head-On Collision

– Being involved in a head-on collision can lead to severe or catastrophic injuries. Two cars colliding head on creates incredible force which can cause blunt force trauma and soft tissue injuries. These accidents often happen when one driver is behaving recklessly on the road. Damages from a head-on crash can quickly escalate. Therefore, it’s critical that you hire a car accident law expert that will fight for you to obtain the compensation you’re eligible for and make sure your bills are paid by those at fault.

Drivers Under the Influence

– Sad and unnecessary, accidents that occur because of intoxicated drivers leave a long path of damage in their wake. Our experienced Orlando accident lawyers will take on your case and work to get the maximum possible compensation you’re eligible to receive.

Wrong-Way Drivers

– Encountering a wrong-way driver on the road is both confusing and terrifying. Drivers experiencing such a thing are always caught completely off guard. A car heading right at you in the completely opposite direction paralyzes a driver’s ability to quickly react and try to get out of the way of danger. The National Transportation Safety Board states that about 360 lives are lost annually to wrong way driving collisions according to a special study they put together.
Other types of car accidents cases we work on are:

  • Defective auto parts
  • Injured drivers and passengers
  • Hit and run accidents
  • Fatigued driving
  • Driving recklessly
  • Aggression/Road rage
  • Traffic violations
  • Poorly maintained roads
  • Poorly maintained cars or equipment

Your Orlando Car Accident Lawyer Will Handle the Insurance Company’s Adjuster

Your claim should be paid in just a few days after being submitted if everything went smoothly. Things, unfortunately, don’t work that way very often. Insurance companies often reject percentages of submitted claims or grind a payment down to the bare minimum possible. If your claim has been denied it can be appealed. Perhaps you’ll luck out and they’ll approve the claim. Or maybe, the insurance company will offer to settle your claim. They’ll ask you to sign a release, though, that will stop you from ever trying to challenge them for more money down the road after the settlement is signed. They utilize tactics like this to pay as small a claim as they can and most of the time is miles apart from how you should be compensated related to your sustained injuries. We recommended you should always consult with an accident attorney first, and never sign a settlement or release before doing so. If your claim is being denied or you’re told it won’t be fully paid by the insurance company, call and talk to one of our expert Orlando car accident lawyers today!

How Come My Claim Was Denied by the Insurance Company in the First Place?

The insurance company could have denied the claim for a multitude of reasons:

  • The policy was invalid because of a non-payment lapse.
  • The driver didn’t qualify for coverage because of a suspended/revoked license.
  • They don’t believe your injuries are serious.
  • The policy limits were exceeded due to the size of the claim.

No matter the reason, our auto accident attorneys can appeal the claim for you. Car accident lawyers can try to get the claim reopened by speaking with the insurance company. Based on the severity of your injuries, we would either work towards a fair settlement or we would go to trial if your case warrants it. As always, we fight to get you paid! We never back down from insurance companies that are attempting to treat our clients unfairly.

Can I Get Help from An Accident Attorney Even If I Was Partly at Fault?

Partial fault car accidents happen. Sometimes it may be 90% – 10% or 95% – 5%, and if you feel that may be how your car accident went, let your accident attorney know right away. The sooner your lawyer knows, the better off your case will be for it. Don’t allow everyone to get caught blindsided and have your case be dismissed over a situation that should’ve been known right up front.

You can still put yourself in the best position to be compensated by working with our car accident lawyers. Even if you’re partially at fault. In Florida, we have a rule called the comparative negligence rule. Based on the law, you can be partially at fault and still recover a portion of your damages. The claim is just reduced based on the percentage of the accident you’re found at fault for. So, if you’re found at fault for 5% of the accident, your final claim amount would be adjusted down by 5% of total claim decision. Our Orlando car accident attorneys know this rule works and we’ll fight to get the max compensation possible for your injuries and lost wages.

Our Orlando Accident Lawyers Will Fight to Get You Paid and Made Whole

You’ve suffered at the hands of another, and we will fight to make you whole for your auto accident injuries. The permanency and degree of your injuries are a major contributing factor to how much you’re able to recover for your case. Lost wages and medical bills are the largest portion of damages and recovery in an accident injury case. You’ll encounter these damages most often:



Lost Income

– Finding yourself unable to work or provide for yourself or your loved ones is commonplace, and depending accident severity, could be a permanent situation. Our car accident lawyers will insist that past, current, and even future earnings be compensated depending on how your work outage persists.


Doctor Bills

– Hospital and doctor bills can quickly skyrocket in a car accident situation, and like we do with lost wages, our auto accident attorneys will demand compensation medical bills both past, present, and if applicable, future. Past and current bills are just a matter of obtaining billing records. Estimating future medical bills may necessitate medical experts. It’s fairly common to bring in medical experts to testify on your behalf. How much your future medical bills could be based on your current projected track needs the assistance of a medical professional.

Property Damages

– States like Florida in large part require a private vehicle to maintain a basic way of life and get back and forth from important places. The vehicle repairs will initially have to be covered by you and then all repair receipts need to be provided to your attorney. Either all or most repairs will be covered by your settlement/judgement.

Pain and Suffering

– Physical, mental, and emotional pain are all a part of the pain and suffering damages category. Physical pain has more of definitive line, where emotional or mental anguish are more challenging to assign a worth to. One example of mental or emotional anguish could be: You were injured in a head-on collision and have been diagnosed as permanently paralyzed from the neck down. The physical part would be the use of your limbs, but the mental and emotional parts would be the pain of being unable to provide for your family because you could ever again do so. Or your inability to ever pick up and hold your infant son or daughter again. There is certainly worth to situations like those. When something has permanently altered your life forever and you can no longer enjoy life the way you had before the accident, call us at Dennis Hernandez & Associates, PA.

Your Orlando accident attorney will work to prove these suffered damages through evidence such as:

  • Medical expert testimony
  • Medical records
  • Pictures/Documentation of your injuries
  • Proof of lost wages
  • Statements from family/friends describing you pre and post-crash

Contact Our Car Accident Attorneys in Orlando Today

Contacting a car crash lawyer is critical to ensuring you’re taking all of the necessary steps to be made whole again following the accident. It is imperative that you seek medical attention within the first 14 days of the accident or you will forfeit a minimum of $10,000 in PIP coverage available to you. The faster you choose a car accident law firm, the better your chances are of recovering your suffered damages.

A lawsuit will have to be filed on your behalf if your insurance company denies your claim. It’s the way we must start the process of recovering your damages. Your lawyer will require specific information to do this correctly. The first time you meet with your car accident attorney in Orlando, make sure to bring the following information with you:

  • Copy of police report
  • Pictures from the accident scene
  • Witness contact information
  • Insurance and contact info from the other driver
  • Copies of all medical records/documents
  • Receipts for out of pocket expenses like auto repair

If you’ve been the unfortunate victim of a car accident, make sure you speak to our car accident lawyers immediately. Our consultation is always free. There are never any fees unless we win your case. We look forward to being able to discuss your case over and you’ll also be able to see how different things will be with an experienced Orlando car accident lawyer in your corner. We can look at the evidence and let you know what it may be worth based on our past clients with similar circumstances. Call toll free at 855-529-3366 or locally at 407-680-0000 now to get started.

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