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There is no hiding from it. The crisis we are facing right now is one of the most challenging times in modern history. The entire world is struggling, and our country is no different.

The typical supply chain that the United States has become accustomed to is severely disrupted at the moment.

Behind that dilemma, the trucking industry has quietly been given the most difficult task of all – keeping us supplied amid a global crisis.

The growing demand for healthcare equipment, groceries, food, and (for some weird reason) toilet paper has caused the need for truckers to increase further. Without question, the lives of truck drivers have gotten far more complicated due to the situation. Yet, the industry, and the men and women behind the wheels of the big rigs, have not missed a step.

Every state in the nation has hurriedly shut down millions of businesses in an attempt to curve the current virus. The roads are dead, even in cities where traffic is an average part of life. For the most part, the only drivers on the road still are essential workers… and truckers.

Through the 6:00 am fog and the complications of this pandemic, truck drivers are continuing to deliver emergency supplies all over the United States.

Even before someone ate an undercooked bat, the American people relied heavily on the trucking industry.

According to Statista, the U.S. trucking industry is worth nearly $800 billion. Before this pandemic began spreading and things were as they always are, the trucking industry dominated transportation in every sense of the word.

Next time you see a trucker at a gas station, take the
time to thank them.

Without the industry, and the truck drivers behind the wheel, the United States would have a much different landscape than it does today.

Being a truck driver is one of the most challenging jobs in the country. Before this pandemic began spreading throughout the country, trucking corporations were facing a shortage of drivers. Now, COVID-19 has left them searching for even more drivers to fill the void.

While members of the general population sit in their homes watching Tiger King and visit the grocery stores hoping to find a stockpile of Charmin, there are thousands of truckers who spent the night hauling truckloads of freight.

As we obey the stay-at-home orders our governing bodies have given us, we should all remind ourselves that truckers are exempt from that list.

While the world faces the pandemic, deservedly so, nurses and healthcare workers are getting all the thanks. Disappearing into the night are truck drivers who have continued to deliver the goods that we all need. Next time you see a trucker at a gas station, take the time to thank them. They do a job that many of us would fall apart doing.