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Being injured is not something that anyone hopes for. An injured individual is left to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally from his or her injures. Another large factor in injuries is often the financial burden that they can create. Medical bills pile up, prescription medications cost money, you might be unable to work due to the injury, and other adjustments must be made in your life due to an injury that affect your finances.

In Tampa, those who have been injured due to the negligence or wrongful act of another can seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. While this type of legal action is an option, it is not one that comes without a fight. No one wants to owe another individual money. As such, the defendant to a personal injury suit and that person’s insurance company will be looking for any reason to dismantle your case and not be found liable. The best way to combat this is to have a strong personal injury suit and the help of a skilled attorney. The best suits have ample amounts of evidence to prove a plaintiff’s claim. The following are key pieces of evidence in a personal injury suit.

Medical Records

The largest claim in most personal injury cases is the claim of injury. Therefore, medical records are essential to backing up this claim and proving that the injury exists and has resulted in significant damages for the victim. Medical records are official proof from a doctor or medical professional that there was an injury that occurred. In addition to proving the existence of an injury, these records can also provide a summary of the costs associated with the injury.

Police Report

Florida law requires that car accidents be reported to the local police department “by the quickest means of communication.” If your injury was caused by a car accident, the police report made about the accident will become important to a personal injury case. The report will include the officer’s report of what happened and details of injured parties.

Witness Statements

If there were witnesses to the event that caused your injury, it is important to try to obtain their contact information. It is easier to get contact information immediately following an injury rather than trying to track down the witnesses later.

In addition to third-party witnesses, it is important to listen to the other party in case they make an admission of guilt or fault. These types of statements are helpful in personal injury cases because it is an acknowledgement by the other party that they were the cause of an injury. It is not always likely that the other party will make this concession, but if they do, try to capture it.

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