Intersections to Avoid in Hillsborough County

Intersections to Avoid in Hillsborough County

What Roads to Avoid When Driving in Hillsborough County Living in an urban area comes with both its advantages and disadvantages. One of the most obvious disadvantages that comes with living in or around a city is the increase in cars and traffic. With this increase comes an unfortunate increase in motor vehicle accidents. So far, in the year 2016 alone, Hillsborough County has seen nearly 18,000 motor vehicle accidents. If you’re one of the nearly 1.2 million people that call Hillsborough County home, there are a few intersections that you may want to avoid if you do not want to become another statistic. According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, in July 2016, the intersections with the most accidents were:
  1. Dale Mabry Highway North & Waters Avenue West with 17 accidents.
  2. Himes Avenue North & Waters Avenue West with 15 accidents.
  3. Sheldon Road and Hillsborough Avenue West with 15 accidents.
  4. Waters Avenue West and Sheldon Road with 13 accidents.
  5. Bruce B Downs Boulevard and Bears Avenue East with 13 accidents.
So what should you do if you want to avoid being involved in a motor vehicle accident? If you can, avoid these busy intersections and try to take the side roads. If you cannot avoid these intersections, as well as any of the other busy intersections in Hillsborough County, the most important thing you can do is to pay attention to your surroundings. Do not assume that because you have a green light the people coming the opposite direction with the red light will stop. Check both ways before proceeding through an intersection. Most importantly, put the cell phone down, don’t play with the radio, and pay attention to what is surrounding you and your vehicle. While not all accidents can be avoided, many can with the help of attentive drivers. We have an entire list of roads through out Hillsborough County that have a higher chance of getting into an accident. For more information, or if you have become the victim of a car accident in Hillsborough County, talk to a Personal Injury Attorney in Tampa to learn more.

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