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The short answer…absolutely not, but it’s much more complicated than that.

Every day, the world around us is changing. We are moving faster, technology is more advanced, and new inventions are altering ways of living. The one constant over the past century though, has been cars.

While they have changed drastically in looks, technology, and speed; cars are still ruling our way of life. In fact, the modern cities that we build are literally designed around vehicle transportation. That’s one side of the story.

The other side of the story: cars are losing their moxie. They’re more expensive now than they have ever been in the past. People are quickly realizing the deadly effect that vehicle pollution has on the environment. Millennials, and other young generations, are looking for a simpler way to live. The status quo of everyone owning a vehicle is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

The long answer…it’s going both ways. People still love cars, but more drivers than ever are saying goodbye to car ownership.

Why People Are Shying Away

These days, it’s getting complicated to own a vehicle. The costs that accompany ownership and the increase in traffic congestion are two huge factors for why so many people are ditching their cars.


The number one reason car ownership is down is because of the ridesharing epidemic. Companies like Uber and Lyft have revolutionized transportation and given the world another option.

Instead of owning your own vehicle and forking out tens of thousands of dollars just to do it all over again when that car breaks down, people are hailing rides when they need them. People are saving a lot of money by doing so, and it’s decreasing the amount of traffic on the road. No matter how expensive the ride may be, it’s still going to be less pricey than owning a vehicle.

Cars are Expensive

To expand on the “cars are pricey” notion, we’ll go even further with that. On average, people will spend more than $8,469 a year on owning a vehicle.
Car insurance will cost people over $2,000 more annually. Car payments themselves are usually more than $200 a month. And finally, maintenance and repairs will cost you as well. The world is expensive, and cars are amongst the most expensive things to own.

Traffic Is Worse Than It’s Ever Been

Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, traffic can be seen at all corners of all countries. Especially in America, cities like Los Angeles and Miami have more traffic congestion than ever. Sitting in back-ups is stressful and nerve-racking – not to mention it creates a record amount of automobile accidents on a daily basis.


The Earth is the only one we have. We do not have a second chance at this. This has become a fact that people care deeply about in this day and age. The pollution that the transportation industry causes is enough to send us into global warming. The facts are there and people have noticed. This has led to an increase in the use of ridesharing, public transportation, and other modes of getting from point A to point B.

Why People Still Love Cars

According to Statista, about 90 percent of households in the United States still own at least one vehicle. While there are countless reasons to not own a car, many of which are dollar bills, people still love having their own vehicle.

The comfort people find from a Sunday drive cannot be found in an Uber, simple as that.


Cars give us a sense of freedom. There is no better feeling than getting in the car you love, rolling the windows down, and playing some good tunes. It’s a freeing experience that helps emotional stability. Cars give us freedom. Not a sense of freedom but true freedom to go where we want, when we want, and with whom we want. A cab will never be able to produce that kind of freedom no matter how low the cost may be.

Cars Symbolize People

People still fall in love with cars because they feel they reflect who they are. The guy driving the teal VW bus next to you is most likely a 60s flower child. The person in the million-dollar Ferrari ahead of you in traffic is probably some big shot CEO. Cars are (usually) a direct relation to who we are as people. They symbolize who we are deep down in our souls and that is such a beautiful thing.


Cars are buried deep in our traditions, and have been for decades.

Family members get our old hand-me-down cars that they probably wouldn’t be caught dead in. We learn to drive from our parents and it’s stressful, but a memory we won’t ever forget. We count down the days until our 16th birthday and run into the DMV to get a driver’s license. That first ride as a teenager is something special.

Cars are as much a part of our culture as anything, that’s why they aren’t going anywhere. While more people might be choosing a different mode of transportation. Cars are still king.