Auto Accident Attorney Advice for Back-to-School Safety Tips

Auto Accident Attorney Advice for Back-to-School Safety Tips

Child safety is our number one priority both inside and outside of the vehicle. Here are some safety tips to help you better protect your kids as they head back to school for the fall.
  • Watch for the big yellow bus.
When driving behind a school bus, it is important to keep and maintain a good distance between your vehicleand the bus, as they tend to make unexpected stops. Remember, when a school bus has lights flashing and the stop arm is extended, that means all traffic from both directions must stop at least 20 feet from the school bus.
  • Be aware of school zones.
The speed limits in Florida school zones typically range from 15-20 mph. With summer coming to an end, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the school zones in your area and those that may be on your route to work.  When driving through these school zones, remember to always keep your foot on the brake and watch for kids unexpectedly darting across the street.
  • Follow the drop-off & pick-up procedures.
Most schools have very specific drop-off and pick-up procedures. Get to know these procedures and follow them very carefully. Remember, all school zones prohibit loading and unloading across the street and double parking.
  • Set some guidelines with your teen driver.
Setting some guidelines with your teen driver will help ensure they are driving as safely as possible and will provide you with a peace of mind. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests implementing the following: no cell phone usage while driving, no speeding, no extra passengers, no loud music, and no driving without your seatbelt. If you or a loved one have become the victim of reckless driver, please call Dennis Hernandez & Associates, PA today at (855) LAW-DENNIS to learn how you can get back what you rightfully deserve.

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