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When it comes to ridesharing and Uber accident claims, you are not alone. Our team of law professionals is here to make sure you get the help you need. You can count on Dennis Hernandez & Associates, P.A. We are a car accident lawyer who specializes in rideshare and Uber. We are also conveniently located in Orlando. 


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The huge growth of ridesharing means new financial and professional opportunities for many people. It also means an increase in issues not previously considered when it comes to transportation. Before the rise of the ridesharing economy, if you needed a ride, you hired a taxi or other paid transportation service, or you had a friend or family member drive you. Now, companies such as Uber and Lyft have blurred the lines somewhat.


If you get hurt as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft-affiliated vehicle that’s involved in a car accident, how will you get compensation for your injuries and other damages? Generally speaking, financial responsibility could come from the insurance company of the at-fault driver — whether it’s the ridesharing company’s driver or another driver involved in the accident who caused the crash — or from Uber or Lyft’s own car insurance coverage. 


According to Uber and Lyft, their drivers are not employees but rather independent contractors. This is an important distinction because employees have more rights than independent contractors — such as the right to unemployment benefits — and a company is likely to be legally responsible for the negligence of its employees. These factors don’t apply to independent contractors, however.


If the ridesharing driver was responsible for the accident, you could try to argue that the ridesharing company shares some level of blame for the crash, but this will be a difficult argument to make. Uber and Lyft have worked extremely hard to maintain the currently-accepted legal standard that Uber and Lyft drivers are independent contractors, not employees.


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Since 1996, the Florida personal injury attorneys at Dennis Hernandez & Associates have fought to get the full and fair justice our clients deserve. We take a personalized approach to every personal injury claim and will not stand down against the insurance companies. Our dedicated team of trial attorneys will take your case as far as possible to compensate you for your injuries fairly.


At Dennis Hernandez & Associates, our goal is to get the very best outcome for every single person that comes through the door. You’re more than a number when you’re a client with us. You don’t pay a penny of anything unless and until we get a recovery. Lawyers are on standby 24/7 to assist you with a free consultation.


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Did you recently get into a rideshare accident and need a car accident lawyer to help with your Uber accident claims? Here at Dennis Hernandez & Associates, P.A., our team of law professionals want to make sure you are safe and protected while on the road. You can count on our personal injury law firm to help you with a car accident lawyer. Be sure to rely on our personal injury attorney near me. Call our auto accident attorney near me today for more information on what to do in the event of a pedestrian accident in the Orlando area.