When you think about vehicles that are vulnerable on the road, you rarely think about large, heavy trucks, but in many ways, they can easily fall victim to traffic accidents. It’s also because of their large size and weight that it’s even more important to drive safely in one. Accidents in trucks are far more likely to be fatal, particularly for others involved in the accident. One such way this can happen was recently warned of by a St Petersburg truck accident lawyer. Specifically, he warns truck drivers to be careful when it comes to wide right turns, such as when getting off the highway. At Dennis Hernandez & Associates P.A., we have experience handling truck-related cases, so we support this information with evidence. If you’re involved in an accident with a truck, then thank goodness you’re still alive. That being said, it’s important to seek help from an accident lawyer as soon as possible. 


The Lethality of Truck Accidents

To put into perspective just how dangerous truck accidents can be, did you know that more than 4100 Americans died in truck-related accidents in 2017? Of these 4100, 68 percent were from cars and other passenger vehicles, 17 percent were in the trucks, and 14 percent were pedestrians, cyclists, or motorcyclists. A typical eighteen-wheeler can easily weigh 40 tons, so it’s no surprise that an accident involving one of these behemoths can have lethal consequences.


What the St Petersburg Truck Accident Lawyer Has to Say About Wide Right Turns

Wide right turns can be very easy to cause an accident. To understand why, it’s important to visualize what it looks like for a truck to make that turn. Unlike a typical car, trucks are much longer and larger, so certain motions must be made for the tail of the truck to move correctly along the road. Accidents can happen at any point during this series of steps.

  • First Accident
    • When making a wide right turn, a truck needs to first swing to the left. This is to allow the backside of the truck to extra room to find itself on the new direction. If the truck moves too far to the left, it can easily hit other vehicles in the lane to the left.
  • Second Accident
    • If a truck doesn’t go far enough left, the force of the turn can actually tip the truck over. This can not only be dangerous for the driver, but can cause a massive amount of damage. As the back of the truck breaks open, the contents can spill out. The spillage itself can be hazardous in a number of ways depending on what it was, such as a flammable substance catching fire or large objects obstructing the road.
  • Third Step
    • If there are multiple right turn lanes, the truck can veer into the other lane and strike another car. Depending on how the truck moves at that point, the smaller car could become trapped or crushed between the head and tail of the truck.


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Surviving a truck accident is a scary but miraculous experience. While it can be easy to want to put it all behind you, don’t forget that you’re entitled to compensation. If you’re in need of a St Petersburg truck accident lawyer, contact us today to receive the help you need.