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A car accident can be a stressful and terrifying experience, especially if you are injured in one. One thing that’s important to remember, however, is that you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries. It’s common for people to be hesitant to file an injury claim after being in an accident; many people may think that their injuries aren’t severe enough to file a claim. At Dennis Hernandez & Associates P.A., we’ve seen many Sarasota car accidents where the victims thought their injuries were minor, but the injuries were actually far more severe than what the victim initially thought. 


Personal Injury Claims and Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, don’t be afraid to file a personal injury claim. You will probably want to hire a personal injury lawyer, as they will be able to help you receive the full compensation you need to cover your medical costs. Insurance companies will often contact you as soon as possible and try to get you to settle for the lowest possible compensation fee. This is because they want to save as much money as possible, and they aren’t looking out for your well-being. A personal injury attorney, unlike an insurance company, will look out for your well-being and ensure you’re getting the most money possible to compensate you for your injuries.


Our Sarasota Car Accident Experiences

We’ve seen plenty of car accidents here in Sarasota, FL. Something we’ve noticed is that many victims don’t think to file a claim for their mild pain initially, but minor aches and pains victims feel initially may not tell the whole story. Whiplash is where you have tears in tissues in your body. Often, the initial experience isn’t very painful, but the victim may feel it several days after the accident. The pain can be very severe, and delaying treatment can have lasting consequences. There are other similar conditions, such as herniated discs, that can have a delayed impact on the body. It is essential that you seek medical treatment as soon as possible after an accident. 


About Dennis Hernandez

Dennis Hernandez is a Tampa-native Floridian. With a bachelor’s in economics and a Master of Law from Harvard, he established the Dennis Hernandez & Associates, P.A. law firm. He has grown the firm to aid victims in personal injury cases so that they can recover safely and without worry of medical bills. We as a firm are devoted to our clients and will fight to ensure they receive every last dollar they deserve for their injuries.


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If you live in Sarasota and have recently been in a car accident, then we can help. At Dennis Hernandez & Associates P.A., we have experience with many Sarasota car accidents and can help you with your personal injury claim. Don’t wait for it to be too late, seek out medical treatment as soon as possible and contact us for help with your personal injury claim. We will fight for what’s in your best interest, not the best interest of the insurance company’s bank account. It’s your right to get the treatment you need to fully recover from a car accident when you’ve been injured.