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Florida Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Hundreds of pedestrians are involved in Florida auto accidents each year. Accidents where a driver ignores the basic rules of the road and a pedestrian suffers are shockingly common. These crashes can change the victim’s life forever or even end it prematurely. Injured pedestrians will have to deal with the treatment and recovery process, any lost wages and significant medical costs. 

Our team of Florida accident attorneys at Dennis Hernandez & Associates is here to help. We service those across the state seeking injury claims and financial compensation after an accident. We fight hard for compensation to pay your damages. 


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Do I Have a Case?

Injuries Caused by Florida Pedestrian Accidents

Both Florida pedestrians and drivers of motor vehicles can wind up with injuries after a collision. Common injuries include: 

  • Head and brain trauma 
  • Broken limbs 
  • Fractured limbs 
  • Emotional distress and trauma 
  • Death 

Pedestrian crash victims can spend days or even weeks in Florida hospitals immediately following their accident. This doesn’t include the ongoing treatment and recovery for their injuries. Healing from a crash injury can lead to time missed from work, loss of ability to perform job duties or even loss of employment. 

Damage from a pedestrian accident leads to a long road of setbacks and recovery. Let our aggressive personal injury attorneys in Tampa, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Sarasota/Bradenton and Lakeland fight for the compensation you deserve. 

Common Causes of Florida Pedestrian Accidents

Incidents like these are caused by negligence or drivers disregarding Florida road rules. This can include impaired driving or texting. Sometimes the accident might be just that: an accident. 

Regardless of the cause, victims and their families have the legal option to contact a personal injury lawyerOur pedestrian accident lawyers are dedicated to providing justice for crash victims. We will go the distance through trial to fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact us for a free case evaluation and to begin the pedestrian accident claim process. 


Both pedestrians and drivers in Florida are legally obligated to behave safely on roads and sidewalks. When it comes to determining fault for an auto accident or pedestrian accidentFlorida is considered a comparative negligence state. This means when both parties are at fault, the amount of damages you can recover is affected by the amount you were at fault for the accident.  

Here’s an example: A jury finds the plaintiff, or the one filing the claim, was 10 percent at fault. It finds the defendant, the one whose insurance the claim was filed against, was 90 percent at fault. Then both pay their share of the other’s damages. In the above example, the plaintiff pays 10 percent of the defendant’s damages, and defendant pays 90 percent of the plaintiff’s damages. 

Determining Damages

Experiencing a pedestrian accident can bring emotional, physical and financial repercussions. The Dennis Hernandez & Associates team knows damages can be calculated by including: 

  • Cost of hospital bills 
  • Ongoing treatment bills 
  • Lost wages due to recovery time 
  • Loss of job due to long-term injuries 
  • Emotional distress and PTSD 

By understanding the full effect of your crash, we can better calculate the true cost of your injuries. Don’t let the insurance company shortchange you for the damage your pedestrian crash has caused in each aspect of your life. Contact us for a free case evaluation. 

Why You Need a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

After a pedestrian accident, the insurance company is not your friend. The defense will begin to build a case against you, and it will use anything it can find to undermine the state of your injuries. 

You have enough on your plate dealing with the financial, emotional and physical tolls following the aftermath of an accident. You need the guidance and experience of a personal injury law firm to collect evidence and prove negligence. Financial compensation from the guilty party won’t completely make up for physical damage, but it can ease the burden of medical bills and lost wages after an accident. 



At Dennis Hernandez & Associates, our injury attorneys in Tampa, St PetersburgSarasota/BradentonOrlando and Lakeland by apt understand how difficult finances can be after a pedestrian accident. Because of this, we offer a free initial consultation. There are no fees or costs unless we win. We understand your accident has caused you enough stress, and we want to make the legal process easier for you. You may be tempted to tackle a seemingly straightforward claim on your own. But it is so easy to be taken advantage of by large insurance companies. 

We can build your case to demonstrate your need for compensation for physical, emotional and financial damages caused by your pedestrian crash. Contact one of our five Florida offices, and we will send a representative out to you anywhere in the state to begin working on your pedestrian accident claim. 


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