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The Tampa dog bite attorneys at Dennis Hernandez & Associates, PA are very familiar with the laws regarding dog attacks. Our attorneys have handled claims on behalf of victims recovering compensation for pain and suffering, permanent scarring, lost wages and medical bills. Dog attacks can be a very traumatic experience. That is why it is very important to contact a Tampa dog bite attorney to learn more about the legal options that you have.

In the state of Florida dog owners are strictly liable for injuries that their dogs have caused. Some of those injuries are: cuts and lacerations, crushing wounds, punctures and even fractured bones. These kind of wounds often result in permanent scars. If you have been injured by a dog, our Tampa dog bite attorneys can protect your rights and recover a compensation for you.

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Causes for a Dog Bite Injury

Threatened dogs often attack. Some of the most often causes for an attack are due to either victim’s behavior or else. In order to avoid a dog bite you should avoid:

  • Approaching dogs immediately after entering their territory
  • Teasing or waking dogs
  • Disturbing dogs that are eating or carrying puppies
  • Playing with dogs until they are overexcited
  • Challenging dogs by staring at their eyes
  • Running from or screaming at a dog

Children are the most often victims of dog bites and it is very important NOT to leave a small child and a dog alone. Our Tampa attorneys can represent both children and parents in a canine attack injury case.

How our Tampa Dog Bite Lawyers Can Help

Owners of dogs that have caused a dog bite injury can be held liable even when the dog has no history of aggressive behavior. Landlords can also be liable if their tenant’s dog injured someone. There are other statures of the Florida law that deal with this matter with regards to ownership and animal control agencies. The Tampa dog bite attorneys at Dennis Hernandez & Associates, PA can help you in this difficult legal process.

Another aspect of this type of personal injuries is when someone has been bit by a dog during work. In this case the victims may file a Workers’ Compensation claim and a third party claim against the dog owner. However, if the employer is the owner of the dog a third party claim for additional compensation may not be filed.

Contact the Tampa dog bite attorneys at Dennis Hernandez & Associates, PA today to learn more about your legal options in pursuing a dog bite personal injury claim. Personal injury consultations are free and you don’t have to pay anything until a recovery is obtained for you. Please call us today at (813) 250-000 to schedule your consultation.

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