What if you get injured in a car accident and there were witnesses? How do you go about it? What are the necessary steps? If you ever find yourself confused, don’t worry. The experts at Dennis Hernandez & Associates, P.A. in Sarasota are here to help. Our car accident attorney has advice. We take pride in having the best car accident lawyer near me. 


A Witness is Essential

Witness statements are an essential part of your car accident claim as they can. Here are some key reasons why:

  • Support your claims of innocence (their testimony can either reduce or completely eliminate doubts that you were even partially responsible for causing the accident. This is vital because many at-fault motorists in Hollywood and elsewhere in Florida usually attempt to argue that the other driver, the victim, was somewhat at-fault for the crash
  • Support your claims of the other driver’s fault (whether the other motorist was partially or fully responsible for the car accident, witnesses can be invaluable to help the court establish liability.)
  • Support your claims of injury (you may persuade the court about the scope and extent of your injuries, pain, and suffering through witness statements, which can detail your actions and behavior at the scene of the car crash.)
  • Discredit the other driver’s injury (similarity, witness statements can be vital to disprove the other driver’s claims of bodily injury. If the at-fault driver is lying that he/she was injured as a result of the collision, too – and maybe even wearing a fake plaster cast – witnesses can discredit his/her injuries by saying that he/she was walking or even running around the scene of the accident)


Our Car Accident Lawyer Near Me Explains How To Get A Statement

Even though Florida laws do not oblige you to speak to witnesses or write down their contact information, it is highly advised that you do get a written statement from each and every witness at the scene of a car accident, get their contact information, and, ideally, convince them to testify in court.


Our best car accident attorneys in Sarasota explain that witness accounts usually make a huge difference when juries and judges are reviewing car accidents, trucking accidents, Uber & Lyft accidents, and other motor vehicle accidents in Florida.


When approaching a witness, write down their name, address, and contact information, and either write down what they saw and/or heard or record their statements using your phone or recording device. If a witness believes that the other motorist was at-fault, make sure they indicate it clearly in their statement and provide their reasoning.


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