The aftereffect of a car accident is a burden to handle. The wound and damages vary significantly according to the severity of the crashing impact. The medical treatment and repair jobs needed to recover from the car accident injury are often financially expensive. Yet, the insurance companies fail to rise to the level of the situation. Hiring an expert car accident lawyer from Dennis Hernandez & Associates, P. A. that knows how to deal with these compromising scenarios, is the sure bet to advance and get the fair compensation to move past the wreck. Backed with more than 20 years of experience in St Petersburg, there’s no one better! 


What Elements Are Studied After a Car Accident to Find Liability?

One minute you are driving, singing to a song on the radio, and a split second later everything changes, suddenly finding yourself in a car accident. Responding to the situation is never easy, especially if you happen to sustain an injury as a result of the collision.


If the situation is new to you, before proceeding at all, you must know what are the elements that will be studied to find liability and prove negligence.

  • Were traffic laws broken?
  • What led to the accident?
  • Are there signs of reckless driving?
  • Were any of the parts intoxicated while driving?
  • Are the parties injured?
  • Did the accident cause property damage?


What to Do After a Car Accident Injury?

The recommended measures to take after a car accident are:


  • Assess your condition


Catch your breath and check if you are injured: how severely? Can you move without hurting yourself? Do you identify where you are? Are you conscious about what just happened? Can you talk?  


  • Report the accident


Call the authorities, request an ambulance, very carefully fill out the paperwork.


  • Collect information and registries


Exchange information with the other parties (addresses, phone numbers). Photograph the scene, record videos. It could potentially represent future evidence. Talk to bystanders that witnessed what happened, get their contact information. 


  • Get a proper medical evaluation


Let the specialists evaluate and determine your medical condition. 


  • Contact the car insurance company


Fill the insurance report with the recollection of the accident.


  • Gather the bills


Organize the bills paid or to be paid because of the accident (medical invoices, car repairs, property damage). 


  • Call a lawyer  


If you are the victim of a negligent driver, seeking legal representation from an expert attorney is the next step to get financial compensation for the damages.


How to Choose the Right Car Accident Attorney for Your Case?

In St Petersburg, Dennis Hernandez & Associates, P.A. offers four desirable qualities any demandant will treasure:

  • Experience.
  • Commitment.
  • Passion for winning the case.
  • Have positive referrals and a history of success.  


What else do you need from a lawyer?


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