Top 10 Tampa DUI Arrest Locations

Top 10 Tampa DUI Arrest Locations

 Tampa Police officers are regulars in certain parts of the city. Their website includes a “Top 10 List of Locations for DUI Arrests in the City of Tampa” which includes the following locations:

  • The Channelside District
  • The Courtney Campbell Causeway
  • Dale Mabry Corridor North
  • The Hillsborough Avenue Corridor
  • North Howard Avenue
  • South Howard Avenue
  • Tampa Palms
  • Ybor City
  • Kennedy Blvd Corridor
  • Nebraska and Waters Ave

They have reported that the City of Tampa is #2 in the state of Florida for traffic deaths and #3 for alcohol related traffic fatalities. As a result of the high number of DUI accidents in Tampa, the F.D.O.T. provided the Tampa Police Department with a grant of $127,166. The grant money will be used to DUI enforcement beginning in late December of 2012 through all of 2013. Updates on this to come soon for 2014.


A greater number of enforcement officers will be on patrol during peak holidays such as the 4th of July weekend and the summer months where young adults are on the road heading to and from parties or clubs. For these increased patrols, the grant money given to the city covers additional overtime paid to the officers to arrest individuals for driving and boating under the influence.


In 2011, there were over two thousand people in Tampa had a DUI arrest, as well as 240+ alcohol related crashes and 14 deaths (alcohol related includes passengers that had alcohol even if the consumption level did not contribute to the accident).

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