State of Emergency Issued for the State of Florida

State of Emergency Issued for the State of Florida

Gov. Rick Scott has issued a state of emergency in preparation for Hurricane Matthew’s visit to Florida’s East Coast. The storm has already left a path of destruction through the Caribbean decimating the island of Haiti.  Winds from the storm have been recorded up to 145 MPH, with no sign of slowing down before landfall in Florida.  The storm is on pace to strike the East Coast Thursday afternoon, and last all the way until Friday morning as it works it’s way up the coastline. While predictions are still inconsistent on the exact path of the storm, the one constant is that this is the strongest hurricane of the season will make landfall. While the State of Emergency is a standard precautionary move, it is still important to understand the situation and prepare your home and family incase of an emergency. While the Tampa Bay area is only expected to receive a glancing blow, there is still a high risk of flood and wind damage as storm bands are expected to sweep across the entire state. It is advised that everyone have a predetermined plan and that the proper precautions should be taken. We at Dennis Hernandez & Associates care about our community and will be up to date on the latest occurrences as they develop. Please remember to drive safe in all weather and avoid any and all distractions while behind the wheel. For more information visit or one of our local media partners for more on Hurricane Matthew.

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