Personal Injury Attorney Advice -Tips for safely sharing the road with large trucks in Florida

Personal Injury Attorney Advice -Tips for safely sharing the road with large trucks in Florida
The state of Florida has created certain laws and regulations to assist the transportation industry and ensure the safety of its commercial drivers, as well as for all drivers on the Florida roadways.
Transportation industry rules and regulations are enforced on both the state and federal level. In order to correctly operate a large commercial vehicle in Florida, a commercial driver must have a valid and current tag registration, a fuel decal, all equipment working properly and in a safe condition, the correct size and weight for travel and a Florida or US Department of Transportation number. In addition to ensuring that truckers follow the above-mentioned regulations, trucking industries currently invest more than $7 billion dollars in safety each year in an effort to make the roadways safer for everyone.

Tips for safely sharing the road with commercial motor vehicles

Even these safety measures in place and properly licensed, focused drivers on the roads, accidents are still bound to happen. It’s important to remember the below-mentioned tips in order to further ensure the safety of not only yourself, but of others around you.
Blind spots are a common phenomenon for all drivers, but even more so for large trucks or trailers. Naturally, because of the vehicle’s size, the area for potential blind spots increases as well. Often, truck drivers may need to make sudden moves to miss road debris, and these blind spots greatly increase your chances of an accident. The best safety precaution you can take in this scenario is not to linger or drive alongside the truck. Instead, move forwards or backwards so that the driver can properly see you. One way to do this is to look for the driver’s face in one of their large mirrors. If you are able to see the driver, then the driver can also see you. If possible, pass the truck on the left side. Avoid the right side of the vehicle, as the right side actually has a large blind spot that can reach the entire length of the vehicle.
Bad weather causes roughly 25 percent of all speeding-related trucking accidents. It’s important during inclement weather that both trucking vehicles and personal motor vehicles slow down and take caution in order to avoid accidents. This also applies to situations where a road may be uneven, construction is present, or a possible a work zone where workers are involved. All drivers, whether driving large or small vehicles, should take precautions to avoid collisions by reducing their speed.
Finally, it’s important to watch for reckless or erratic drivers. This goes, again, for both large commercial motor vehicles and personal motor vehicles. It’s easy for any driver to become distracted either because they’re tired, stressed, or unfocused. If you witness a vehicle driving erratically, pull over until you deem the road safe. If there are greater concerns, such as you are unable to avoid to maneuver around the vehicle or pull over, call 911 or the non-emergency line. As always, if you find yourself in a motor vehicle accident, contact Dennis Hernandez & Associates as quickly as possible.

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