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Don’t Fall For It

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles tabulates the number of traffic crashes every year. In the last year for which statistics are available, there were a total of 374,342 crashes in our state. Of these, 159,795 caused injuries, and 17,545 of those injuries were incapacitating for the victims. These crashes also caused a total of 2,939 deaths.


Tragic as these statistics may be, many people believe that Florida’s no-fault car insurance rules cover injuries and obviate any need for an attorney in a car accident. After all, no-fault insurance laws are in part designed to reduce the need to figure out who’s at fault in an accident. Under a no-fault system, each party’s own insurance pays bills related to their injuries and other economic damages.


That said, there are times when you still should reach out to an attorney when it’s highly advisable to do so. In this blog post, we will quickly review Florida’s no-fault car insurance laws and then list the circumstances when car accident victims should seek an attorney’s help.


Reasons to Call an Accident Attorney in Orlando

  • Stepping outside no-fault
    • Florida requires drivers who are licensed in the state to carry $10,000 in personal injury protection(PIP). PIP is designed to reimburse drivers for an accident’s economic damages, such as medical bills for the treatment of injuries stemming from the accident. If you break your leg as a result of being hit by another car, for example, PIP should pay for your doctor’s bills, any hospitalization, an ambulance ride to the hospital, any required physical therapy, and more.
  • Negotiating with an insurance company
    • While all Florida drivers must have no-fault insurance, and no-fault should always be tapped in a car accident, it isn’t the only recourse available to injured people.
  • A loved one died in a car accident
    • If you have stepped outside no-fault and are pursuing a claim with a third-party insurer, they may try to pay you less than the claim is worth. Insurance carriers have several different methods for doing this.
  • Damages possible in a wrongful death suit
    • If a loved one is killed in a car accident, the damage to those left behind can be severe. Not only are they deprived of that person’s love, companionship, and support, but in many cases, the death can cause severe economic duress to survivors. There may be medical bills still to pay, funeral expenses, and a sudden and permanent loss of income to the household.


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